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Оборудование для выравнивания уточной нити.

Станок для выравнивание уточной нити.

    Оборудование для выравнивания уточной нити на текстильных и трикотажных изделиях позволяет даже при сложном переплетении изделия точно отслеживать перекосы утка. Цифровой анализ изображения в режиме "онлайн" извлекает из регистрируемой камерой информации изображения актуальное положение уточной нити. 





A good weft straightener is a machine that can straighten the twisted weft of different fabrics under different process conditions (just as M/C speed etc.)
We hope that our weft straightenter can straighten the twisted weft of all kinds of fabrics. The weft straightenter on the stage detect the weft status by penetration or reflection. The fabric will be changed because of the weave, sort of line (changed when boiling), machine speed and even variety of chemicals. So you should select the weft straightener which can automatically straighten more fabrics under different process conditions at first. Then you compare the price, trouble rate and after sales service, etc.

1. Controller : Compacted control circuit with powerful micro-computer and PLD.
- Easy operation by touch screen control
- Minimized failure rate
- Manual bow roller available : A function not to operate for a bow roller by detected wrinkle in fabric.
- Compatible with future functions developed : No change in hardware required by processing within a program.

2. TWILL function : Special used for twill fabrics (Good for comb’s teeth pattern).
- For frequent malfunctions, it reduces an error rate by attaching a device to distinguish cross angle with simultaneous detection of cross angle and weft angle.

3. Skew Processing : A function to turn wefts in the specific state.
- Good for any defect caused by differences in both Stenter chain or for fabrics which require for wefts to be turned.

4. Tension control : ±20% of speed change
- To keep fixed tensile strength by controlling bow roll according to speed.

5. Reflection & Penetration Type detector
- For fabrics hard to transmit light, for fabrics with different sides (Optional Item)

6. Safety structure against outside shock
- The weft straightener is installed in the middle of the connecting part between stenter and mangle. It has the safety structure that a retrieval roll to deliver shock down.

7. Automatic reset for malfunctions

 Operation principle of the Weft Straightner-CV


1. Image acquisition part captures and stores the image from the high speed vision cameras. It also analyzes the images and detect the status of the fabric. And then it supplies control data to the computer.


2. Computing part for skew and bow

  - By sending the angle of bow calculated with two cameras, supply data for calculating skew and bow of the weft. After accumulating and analyzing the data, send skew and bow about the state of present weft to the control part.


3. Control part

  - After capturing image of the moving weft by the vision camera, examine the state of weft and by controlling the correcting-device, it can correct skew and bow. It controls the correcting-device considering correcting period, amount of correcting, angle of bow through the image and so on.


4. Correcting device

It consists of skew roller(correct skew) and bow roller(correct bow). The maximum amount of correction is determined by the number and distance of Roll or the twisted state of Roll. Now in this company, the maximum amount of skew correction is 34% and bow correction is 9~11%.


5. Tension control

It prevents the poor quality of folded or wrinkled weft by operating bow roller according to speed.

It has merit to sense the weft that is sensitive to tensile strength.

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